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With a wide experience in both backend and frontend web development Aelion is able to deliver fully functional web applications for all of your bussiness needs.

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Cold Fusion

ColdFusion development using the newest techniques available for both Adobe and Railo/Lucee ColdFusion platforms.

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Mendix consultancy and development for small, midsize and large complex applications.

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All web applications need HTML, CSS and JavaScript to deliver a fully functional application Aelion will provide the needed services to create state of the art HTML, CSS and JavaScript frontend code.

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For both ColdFusion and Mendix development there are limitations to the platform. To extend beyond these limitations Aelion also delivers Java solutions that extend the ColdFusion and Mendix platform.

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Cold Fusion

Using ColdFusion Aelion builds rich and powerfull web applications for both backend and frontend use. Aelion has done so since 2007. Some examples are content management, customer relationship and e-commerce applications. For which Aelion has built integrations with other systems. We also have experience integrating with Apache SOLR, Apache FOP and Apache POI implementations. To built these applications Aelion uses frameworks like ColdBox. We are able to develop ColdFusion applications for both the Adobe and Railo/Lucee CFML engine.


With Mendix it is possible to build applications in a fraction of the time it takes to build traditional applications. Aelion has extensive experience with the Mendix platform. Using the Mendix platform Aelion has worked on smaller and larger applications for small and large clients. With this experience Aelion is able to deliver applications for all sorts of clients that wish for a rapid yet complete solution.

Also because of our expertise we are able to built extensions for Mendix for the client side in the form of Widgets and the server runtime using Java.


All web applications will need some kind of frontend development. Therefore Aelion has specialized itself in several of the widely known techniques that are used when creating beautifull, user friendly and most of all well performing client side parts of the application. This involves the use of raw JavaScript, CSS and of course HTML(5). But also the use of frameworks and preprocessors like: jQuery, Prototype, Dojo, Bootstrap, Foundation, LESS and SASS.


We are able to built extensions on ColdFusion and Mendix using the Java platform. And next to that we also built purely on the Java platform. This gives us the possibility to always offer the best possible solution based on the requirements that the client has.


eXp Enterprise

eXp Realty: Enterprise Application (Mendix)

In order to keep the IT infrastructure up to speed with the exponential growth of the company (doubled the amount of agents in 2015). eXp Realty decided to build a new eXp enterprise application with Mendix.

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The application will be the core of the IT infrastructure that eXp Realty offers both their agents and agent clients. It will incorporate agent data, transaction information, financial reporting and much more. In long term, it will replace all the off the shelf applications that are currently used by eXp Realty, and give them the utmost flexibility to incorporate any business processes that they have within the company.

My role within this project is the technical lead and the expert consultant on Mendix. I will both guide the junior developers and the key users to implement the business processes. And the other main part will be working on the development of the application from my senior role.

Since April 2016 the first version has been released which contains the following features:

  • Agent onboarding process
  • Agent directory
  • Agent profile management
  • Agent equity insight
  • User management
  • Developer/application management tools

Together with the team I will continue to improve this application in an agile fashion.

More information about eXp realty:

View the public part of the application:

MyMicro Group

MyMicro Group: SOCO e-commerce development (ColdFusion)

For the e-commerce platform from MyMicro Group I work on the websites,, and

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These are only 2 of the brands that MyMicro Group uses to sell it's services and products.

My role in the project is that of all round developer and coordination of the work done by Saravanamuthu and Venkatesh.

Sub-projects include:

  • Adaptive mobile site development, meaning full integration of the functions available to the desktop and customization of the responsive design.
  • CMS manager optimization and further extension of available functions.
  • API development to enable third parties to integrate with the platform
  • Architecture sessions to rebuild parts of the existing application
  • Debugging and resolving live issues that occur on the production environment
  • Create a more friendly user experience for debugging order processes via the manager of the application
  • Implement new customizable navigation structure
  • Integration of external services like Paazl and Iron.IO
  • And many other smaller changes to the application

Using ColdFusion (Railo/ColdBox), Microsoft SQL, HTML, CSS (SASS), REST, JavaScript (jQuery/Foundation)

More information about MyMicro Group:

To view the e-commerce frontend visit:

eXp Enterprise

Tentaroo: back-end & new CMS front-end (ColdFusion)

Multiple smaller and larger projects for Tentaroo.

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  • Full integration of the database with the new CMS front-end site template
  • CRUD operation implementation for the back-end administration interface
  • Full overhaul of the security measures, making sure it is optimized for future needs.
  • Implementation of SAAS PDF generators (PDF Crowd and DocRaptor)
  • ColdFusion changes to support ECheck
  • Caching implementation for front-end and back-end components

Using ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL, HTML, CSS (LESS) and JavaScript (jQuery).

More information about Tentaroo:

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